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I give up on the world, I really do. 

I think you're being over sensitive to the situation and accusing him without any evidence. Stop making it personal to your own past situation.

It’s not about me making it ‘personal’. It’s about assholes who go around saying the boy should be happy about what happened to him. THAT’S NOT OKAY! My ‘situation’ has nothing to do with what happened. What Singer ‘allegedly’ did is wrong weather it’s true or not. Stuff like this still happens. And comments like those are ignorant. 

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I’m not trying to be rude or a bitch, but I’m not really looking for people to agree with me. You’re one of the ones that has not given me shit about my opinion, and that in itself is what I appreciate. 

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but what if he didn't do it.

Doesn’t matter to me. He may be innocent but it does not excuse the comments that have been trying to justify the whole situation. 

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strikerhercules replied to your post “My view on the whole Bryan Singer incident:[[MOR] I really don’t…”

If he did it then it is definitely wrong - I just find this lawsuit oddly timed given movie release

To be honest, if it’s all true or not. The comments are not necessary considering shit like this happens almost everyday. 

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"Oh come on. You came out as a kid. Right and you weren’t blackmailed into it.  You had your mother, your father, the whole country rallying around your courage. Do you think this country’s going to applaud me for breaking my wife’s heart, for lying to everyone?" 


avengers age of “don’t say the M word or we have to pay three million dollars to 20th century fox”